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Course #2

Social Program Introduction

How do you find them and how do you keep them (Social Security, Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, Medicare). More Details

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Course #3

Medicaid "Light"

Three Different Healthcare Systems / The Requirements and Qualifications. More Details

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Course #4

Easy to Lose

Removed from the system for life; once out gone for every! More Details

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Course #5

Waiver Programs

Requirements for DADS / DARS / DSHS / DFPS. How to navigate and obtain Waiver Programs. (Course is using Texas as a reference in this video). More Details

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Course #6

Community Resource Programs

Many counties provide a general fund to local community organizations to provide services while waiting for service through Waiver Programs. More Details

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Thomas P. Kroehle, Jr. AIF Principal Life & Estate Planner

TJ as he is known, is an independent Life Planner, who works with families with special needs. He understands the importance of developing a strategic, long-term life plan that takes into consideration their very unique circumstances. His philosophy centers on the cornerstone of the strength of the family unit.

TJ has been working with Families of Special Needs since he was age 16. TJ and Tracey are the parents of Lauren, a person of special needs. Life planning is a partnership built on trust and integrity. Although this is always important, it is especially vital to families with special needs.

TJ helps clients understand their need to develop the appropriate wills and trusts. He helps them see the need for a "Letter of Intent" which defines their special needs person's hopes, dreams and desires through a lifetime strategy. He is knowledgeable in government programs that aid special needs families, and he coaches families in how to obtain government aid, such as SSI. More importantly he helps the family understand how to maintain those government programs throughout their loved one's lifetime.

Life Planning for Families of Special Needs is a non-profit group created by TJ to specialize in assisting individuals with disabilities and their families. TJ frequently speaks to state and local groups such as ARC, Life Path, Down Syndrome Guilds, Autism Societies, Region X and XI, various ISD's and other similar organizations.

Whether it is insurance and estate planning, a secure retirement, or leaving a legacy, every person, family and situation is unique and requires customized and highly personalized solutions.


Stories from TJ's clients and friends about the programs and the impact they have made on their lives.


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